Tuning and coding

Chip tuning in Dubai

Improving the initial characteristics of the car engine by making changes to its software controller. Correction is performed using the hardware interface and software. UrbanCars is an official SevenForce dealer in the UAE, we perform chip tuning of any complexity and as safely as possible for the engine and gearbox of your car.

Manufacture of an individual exhaust system

Our craftsmen have extensive experience in manufacturing exhaust systems of any complexity and modification. We use the best welding equipment and high purity gas, which allows us to get a smooth and beautiful seam, as well as high quality finished products. We manufacture downpipes, carry out catalyst removal, manufacture exhaust systems with the ability to control and select a quiet and loud mode using a damper, and also manufacture sports exhaust systems using the best components.

Coding of hidden and new functions

We offer our customers to add or activate hidden car functions, change the specification region, activate CarPlay.

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